Top 5 cheap date ideas

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I’m going to put you in a catastrophic situation here lads. You’ve been warned.

So, it’s date night, you’ve all but spent your salary and there’s still a long stretch till payday. Familiar scenario?

Terrifying… I know, sorry I had to put you through that.

Funnily enough, when it comes to dates – the cliché saying: “It’s the thought that counts” is the most apt. The typical wine-and-dine tends to be a bit costly and it isn’t really going to impress her, at the end of the day the waiters doing all the legwork and you’re just forking out the money.

We’ve saved you the fright of that last minute scramble and chalked up this list. Although these date ideas may be low-budget and require little planning, they’re often the kind that will be most memorable and appreciated.


This one is always a winner. Pop down to your local supermarket and pick up some cheeses, galletti, grapes and a bottle of decent wine (and of course, candles). Choose a beach like Gnejna, grab a blanket and you have yourself a super romantic date. It’s super simple and quite cheap, but it shows you put thought into it – which is the most important thing.

A Walk

A walk??

Yes, people do still do that. You’ll be getting some fresh air together and will have plenty of time to talk and connect in a chilled environment – the whole point of a date.


Light some candles and you’ll even manage to turn a grilled-cheese into a romantic meal. Okay maybe not toast but you get the point. Every guy should have a signature dish that they master, even if they can’t properly fry an egg. Get her hands dirty and team up for peeling, chopping and stirring. Win some extra points and peel an onion – show your sensitive side a bit. Not only is this date great fun, but you get a great meal at the end!


All this date is going to cost you is some loose change. I must warn you, this date is going to lead to some heavy competition, so if you’re a sore loser you may want to skip this one. Choose from games like pool, bowling and air hockey and let the good times roll. Eden has got a great setup for this simple date that guarantees loads of laughs.

Chill night at the bar

Music, alcohol and a basket of nachos – the making for an amazing night right there. The alcohol will help loosen things up (I shouldn’t really have to say this but…. Please don’t overdo it). This simple night is bound to give you guys room to be yourselves & talk.

Opt for any of these 5 cheap dates and you’re golden. Not only are they cheap but they’re fun and they let you and your date wind down and just be yourselves. Getting all dressed up and heading to some fancy place in Malta only builds up this weird sense of tension (for myself anyway..). On top of that, no one is going to walk away from a date saying: “Wow, this guy spent so much money on me!”


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