Monoprice 8323 headphones

The over-ear Monoprice 8323 headphones are like that blind date your friend has set you up on (Do Maltese even do blind dates??) You’re single, so why the hell not right?

Where are we going with this? Chill your inner Maltese and have some patience…


The exterior of these headphones look a bit cheap with that hollow clacking plastic sound. But don’t let the lack of lustre deter you, these headphones are packing some serious heat for their price. The 50mm drivers produce full range sound (20Hz – 20 KHz) and there is no need for an amp, we’re talking about an impedance of 40 Ω.

The headphones come 2 3.5mm cables. One with a mic and very responsive play/pause buttons. Something we felt missing was some volume control. But hey, these guys cost below €50.

The ear cups have super comfortable synthetic ear pads that make hours of listening a peach. One small drawback is they get a bit hot (not mid-august wearing a suit at a Maltese wedding heat). The ear cups can flip up, swivel, collapse making for a great experience and a beginner DJ’s dream.

Sound Quality

Let’s start things off the Monoprice 8323’s bass. It doesn’t exactly shake you to your very core but for the price you’re paying it’s phenomenal. For its price, these headphones surprisingly play on the line between good base and almost amazing. The only thing we can criticize a bit is the bass signature. We’re Maltese so we have to complain about something.

We tried the vocals out on Malta’s very own The Traveller’s Hafi, Paci, Kuluri. The response was good making the vocals a pleasure and you can listen to the relaxed highs for hours. The notes don’t blast your eardrums like other cheap headphones and there’s none of that static nonsense that you would have deal with with other headphones in its price range.

The only thing we wish was a bit better is that the highs could be a bit more acute. Let’s face it though – You’re better of wishing for more acute highs rather than praying that the highs were knocked down a few grades.

Guide living Malta’s verdict

Don’t let some of our comments get in the way of looking into the Monoprice 8323 headphones. In terms of price, you are more than getting your money’s worth. Headphones with this calibre of sound quality at this price are a dying breed if not almost extinct. These headphones made our Best over-ear headphones of 2018 for below $100 list for good reason. The spare cables are there for product longevity, something we’re finding neglected with products being made lately. The 50mm drivers means there is no shortage in sound quality. So, if you can look past the looks, the Monoprice 8323 are a treasure. They’re a dirt cheap accomplishment of quality sound.

If these headphones don’t tickle your fancy, an alternative in this price range with a more aesthetically pleasing look are the Audio-Technica ATH-M20X Professional Headphones.

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